Die Straßen von Manhatten um 1911

DerWesten | vor 4 Monaten

This footage showing everyday life in New York City in 1911 was produced by the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern and released public by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA). It was colorized using DeOldify (https://github.com/jantic/DeOldify).

"Produced only three years before the outbreak of World War I, the everyday life of the city recorded here — street traffic, people going about their business — has a casual, almost pastoral quality."

Some landmarks you can recognize from the video:
- The Flatiron building (built in 1902)
- The Statue of Liberty
- The New York Herald Building (which doesn't exist anymore)
- The New York Harbor
- Brooklyn Bridge

"The early 1900s were a period of rapid change for New York City. The city's population was ballooning as an influx of immigrants passed through Ellis Island. Massive skyscrapers began popping up seemingly overnight, many of them among the tallest in the world at the time. And new technology such as automobiles and elevated trains made the city more accessible than ever."


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